45 r.p.m. 7" - singles & e.p.s
HR-01 Trashwomen -
Lust EP 7"

Aphrodisia • Cat Walk •
Dragula • Surf Creature
HR-02 Jackie And The Cedrics -
Soyokaze 7"
Soyokaze • Hurry Up
HR-03 The Boss Martians -

7" XKE! • I'm 'A One You Need
HR-04 Johnny Legend -
Pipeline 7"


Pipeline • Mexican Love
HR-05 Unreleased Instrumentals
From The Northwest! 7" EP
Danny Love & The Sensations •
Time Out & Slow Motion
The Casuals • Moon Dawg!
Ray Michelsen & The Vikings •
Plastic Coat
HR-06 Jackie And The Cedrics - Go! Honda Go! 7" [SORRY - SOLD OUT]
Go Honda Go • Velocity Stacks
HR-08 The Tiki Men -
Cattle Prod 7"
Cattle Prod • Surfin' Senorita
HR-09 The King Normals -
Sugar Baby 7"

Sugar Baby • Stop, Look & Listen
HR-10 Clayton Watson -
Vol.1, Tall Skinnie Annie 7" EP

Tall Skinnie Annie • Jenny Lou • Summertime • My Baby Done Me Wrong
HR-11 The Hentchmen -
Red Hot Car 7" EP
Red Hot Car • Wolf Wagon • Oil Leak
HR-12 Clayton Watson -
Vol.2, No No No 7" EP

No No No • Skinny Lou • When I Walk • Everybody's Boppin'
HR-14 The King Normals -
Big Beat in Panicsville EP 7" EP

Meanest Girl In Town •
If You Don't Think I Need You •
Dirty Dirty Feeling
HR-15 The Journeymen & The Revelairs 7" EP
The Journeymen / Surfer's Blues • The Revelairs / Ridin' High
HR-16 Krontjong Devils - Romp Out! with... 7" EP
Casbah • Don't Look Now • Our Favorite Martian • Malibu Run
HR-17 Untamed Youth -
Minor Chaos 7"
Minor Chaos • Drag Race Tragedy
HR-19 The Sprague Brothers -
Battle Of The Bands 7"

Battle Of The Bands • The Green Arrow
HR-20 The Mystics -
I'm In Love 7"

I'm In Love • Check Point
Jackie Cedrics HR-22 The King Normals - Colors (Dress In Black) 7" EP
Colors (Dress In Black) • Merry-Go-Round • So Natural • Don't Fight It
King Normals Colors HR-22 The King Normals - Colors (Dress In Black) 7" EP
Colors (Dress In Black) • Merry-Go-Round • So Natural • Don't Fight It
Neatbeats Hillsdale HR-23 The Neatbeats -
(Do the) Global Twist 7" EP

(Do the) Global Twist • Farmer John •
Turning Up • I'm Gonna Have You
King Normals Hillsdale HR-24 The King Normals - Hey Little Girl
(plus 3) 7" EP

Hey Little Girl • Night Rider •
Adam & Evil • Come What May
Cecilia avec Les Garcons HR-25 Cécilia et ses Ennuis-
Avec Les Garcons 7" EP

Avec Les Garcons • Meme Si Tu L'Aimes • J'Aime Le Popcorn
Barbary Coasters Hillsdale HR-26 The Barbary Coasters - Barbary Stomp
Barbary Stomp b/w
Sticks & Stones
Scuba Men Hillsdale

HR-27 The Scuba Men - Scuba Dooba Baby 7"
Scuba Dooba Baby • Green Seas

Les Terribles Hillsdale HR-28 The Terribles 7"
"Hey Toru!" b/w "Ne Joue Pas Avec Mon Coeur"
ugly beats HR-29 The Ugly Beats - Bee Line 7"
Bee Line • Maximum Bumble (instrumental)
Les Terribles Hillsdale HR-30 Jon and the Vons 7"
"Don't You Want My Lovin'" b/w "I'm Trying"
Ogres Crouch HR-31 The Ogres - (Do the) Crouch 7"
(Do the) Crouch • In and Out (both vocals)
HR-32 The Ogres 7"
"Third Man Fuzz'" b/w "Uh Huh"
HLP 101
The Tiki Men

12 Dusty Diamonds LP
HLP 102 HCD 102
The Boss Martians

Jet Away Sounds Of The Boss Martians LP or CD [SORRY - SOLD OUT]
HLP 103
HCD 103
Fortune & Maltese
and the Phabulous Pallbearers

Konquer Campus LP or CD

HLP 104
Deke Dickerson

...In 3-Dimensions LP

HLP 1001
Twistin' Time Vol. 1

Various Artist LP (compilation of very cool and rare twist records from the early sixties)
HLP 1002
Twistin' Time Vol. 2

Various Artist LP (more insanity like above)
Saturn V Featuring Orbit

Having a Twist Party with...
CD only
Saturn V Featuring Orbit

After Work Sessions!!!
16 big blasts from these cable car riding fools!
KCD 1003
Better Than The Beatles

Various Artist CD (26 fake and anti Beatles tunes from hard to find 45s). Features the Weavils, Brad Berwick, Buggs, Dory Peyton and so many more. From the folks at Knight Records.
HCD-105 The Real Bad News
CD only
15 frat-tastic show stoppers from an up and coming Sacramento combo. Guitar! Sax! Organ! What more do you want?
The Barbary Coasters

The Libertine Philosophy of the Barbary Coasters. 17 Stomps and shakers on 1 CD. It's all good! Beat Girl . Queen of the Beach . Hands Off . Wanted by the Law . Cruel Surf . The Scratch . Boom Boom Boom . plus so much more!

The Barbary Coasters

14 more great rock & rollers from these Bay Area songsters. The Hip . Really Gonna Shake . Francois Truffaut . House of Bamboo . Honey For Sale . You're a Dirty Fink . and so much more!

The Ogres

15 raw and rockin' tunes from these East Bay idiots FEATURING: Ain't That Love • Don't Tell Me No Lies • Not Having Fun • Life, Love & the Pursuit of Happiness • Isabella • Pay Day • You're My Baby • Theme From The Unknown • Don't Press Your Luck • Private Detective • You Don't Care • It's Alright • Why • Gas Money • Greyhound
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